Woman Knitting With Red Wool

Woman Knitting With Red Wool In Devon In England

Woman Knitting With Red Wool In Devon In England.


knitting is a relaxing activity and red a lively colour as shown in this photograph.

If you want to use this photo of a woman knitting, go to Alamy.

Photo Comments:

Somewhere, someone is looking for pictures of everyday activities.

From the stockphoto point of view, it needs to be more than a snapshot – maybe just a little bit different.

This picture is is in a way very simple. It’s a picture of a woman knitting.

From my point of view the main points are:

The shallow depth of field emphasizes the knitting, the needles and the hands.

The wool is red which is a standout colour.

There’s an out of focus hint of the woman’s face which gives more context to the picture.

This was an unplanned grab shot of a woman knitting but it turned out well.

New Feature:

I’ve tried to make this website self-explanatory and easy to navigate.

But I still get comments from people who tell me they don’t “understand” it.

They don’t know, for example, what an RSS Feed is.

So I’ve decided to develop an FAQ page where I can detail some of the features of my site.

Hope it helps

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