Widecombe Church in Dartmoor – The Cathedral in the Moor

Widecombe Church in Dartmoor

Widecombe Church is often called the Cathedral in the Moor.

Widecombe is a small village in Dartmoor in Devon, England.

It’s famous for the church and its annual Fair.

The song “Widdecombe Fair” is where the phrase “ Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all” comes from.

Widecombe Church Photo Facts.

Over the years I’ve visited Widecombe Church many times and tried to photograph the interior.

The problem of course is the great contrast.

It’s not possible with either film or digital to capture detail in the windows and the shadows of the interior by conventional photography methods.

Digital capture however does offer some help.

For this picture I chose a dull day to try to make sure that contrast was limited without bright sunlight streaming through the windows.

I set up my Canon EOS 5D Mark 11 on my Benro traveller tripod.

I chose one of my custom settings with mirror lock up, self timer and manual aperture and shutter speed.

I used an infra red remote to trigger the shutter.

I composed the photo using LiveView and manual focus.

I used my Tamron 28-75 lens at its widest setting.

I took a series of test shots to establish a basic exposure.

It was soon obvious that I would need to take several exposures at different settings and combine them afterwards.

I chose a small aperture to ensure plenty of depth of field.

All exposures were RAW for maximum detail.

The Canon 5D Mark 11 does have an auto-bracketing setting but I wanted to take more than three exposures at the same shutter speed.

This meant I had to change the shutter speed carefully without nudging the camera.

Merging the photos together post exposure resulted in a photo with a much better contrast range than was possible using film.

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