There are millions – over 50 million and rising blogs on the internet at the moment.

How can we check what’s new?

Like a lot of webmasters I want you to visit my site again and again so I say “Subscribe to my RSS Feed

Is that clear?

Probably not.

The other week I was talking to a friend of mine.

She was telling me that every month she met a group of other women for dinner.

They arranged their meetings through the internet, email and internet phone.

They clearly were quite sophisticated internet users.

I said – “And Remember – tell them all to subscribe to my RSS Feed“.

Her response was blank incomprehension.

I tried to explain I don’t know know if I did a good job but here goes.

So again: What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed is an answer to this problem?

How can you get the latest updated information from the websites and blogs you like reading, without having to go to each one?

The answer is Really Simple:

You can ask the website to send you updates whenever they are ready.

This is an RSS Feed.

The name is a little confusing.

It can mean:

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.

Does it matter?

It just means the latest update to a website.

How can you receive this update?

There are two ways:

If you are interested in lots of sites you’ll need a newsreader. Some are paid but many are free.

On my site it says “Subscribe to my RSS Feed

If you press the link you get a choice:

What is an RSS Feed
The first choice is:

with web-based news readers. Click your choice below:

You can use any of the newsreaders listed – you’ll need to try to find your favourite.

If you use Google or Yahoo for example you can just use your account.

If you only want to subscribe to a few sites you can ask for an email:

Now I’m always wary of giving out emails over the web.

I recommend using an alternative anti-spam email service to hide your usual email.

My favourite service is:


If you want to know more read my Gishpuppy Guide.

So it really is simple:

Subscribe to my RSS Feed means you can get automatic updates from my site.

If you like what you see – then you might like to come to my site, read more, make a comment, send an e-card, buy a picture or bookmark me in your favourite social sites.

So: what is an RSS Feed?

It’s an update to a website.

Why should you subscribe?

So you can get the latest updates to your favourite websites.

How can you subscribe?

You can ask the site to send you an email or you can get the RSS Feed delivered to your favourite newsreader.

Please don’t forget:

Subscribe to my RSS Feed


Picture of the Week:

My Picture this week is of King Ethelbert of Kent, Bretwalda or High King of England.

My picture of King Ethelbert of Kent is here.

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