The Old Weavers House In Canterbury

The Old Weavers House In Canterbury , England by john rocha

The Old Weavers House In Canterbury , England


The The Old Weavers House was originally three separate buildings dating from 1507.

It is named after the Flemish and Huguenot weavers who fled from France to escape religious persecution in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Old Weavers House stands on the river Stour and is currently used as a restaurant.

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Photo Comments:

Picturesque buildings like this are classic pictorial material.

The Old Weavers House is quite a challenge photographically.

The modern city has grown around it and the location is very cramped.

Much of the time the building is in deep shadow either because the sun has moved round or because the wall opposite and out of picture provides deep shade.

The building itself is separated from the street by an iron railing.

These facts mean that timing is important for the light and that there are very few positions where The Old Weavers House can be viewed as a whole.

My solution was to use a wide angle lens poked through the railings – too narrow to allow the lens hood unfortunately.

The railings provided good support for the camera.

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