Storm Over The Tomb Of Bin Ali


Storm Over The Tomb of Bin Ali In Salalah the capital of Dhofar in the Sultanate of Oman.


Bin Ali was a famous Islamic Saint and sage and the tomb of Bin Ali is  in the Dhofar area of Oman.

Dhofar is the southern region of Oman centred on the regional capital Salalah.

The tomb of Bin Ali is one of the finest examples of medieval Islamic architecture in the region.

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Photo Comments:

This has been one of my most successful photos.

It has sold as a travel photo in a number of outlets sometimes in the Arab press.

It has also been successful purely as a photo in its own right.

And of course, it has attracted some controversy.

Not because of its content but because of its composition.

This photograph is a combination of two photos that I took especially with this composition in mind.

Like many photographers I believe in pre-visualization rather than just relying on luck and random shooting – though this can yield some great pictures too.

This photo was taken with my Bronica 6×6 film camera.

I was visiting Salalah the beautiful southern province of the Sultanate of Oman when I found this tomb.

I knew as soon as I saw the scene that I would need a different sky and composed my photo accordingly.

I was confident, and rightly so, that there would soon be storm clouds in the sky.

I later combined my two photos after scanning the film.

When this photo appeared in Practical Photography, the editor of the time, William Cheung sent my a note saying, “Nice one John”.

Some readers were not so happy.

I blame those who have no understanding of the history of photography and those who still promulgate the view that photography is literally “truthful” in some way.

I was accused of being a bad photographer, dishonest and untalented.

Well everyone’s entitled to his or her view but I stand by this picture and the process.

I used the standard 80mm lens for both originals steadying my Bronica on my old Slik tripod.

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