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This is really just a brief update on my last blog post.

As I said, there are some pictures, which I consider to be both personally satisfying and which have been good stock sellers. So I thought I’d better give an example.

I mentioned, the question of travel photography and of travelling in so-called exotic locations before.

I suppose one of the places that I’ve been to, which I have found to be the most photogenic and the most rewarding is Oman.

I lived in Oman and on and off for about five years and a combination of the beauty of the scenery and the good-natured people made for a truly satisfying experience.

Now one of the most fascinating areas of Oman is in Dofar in the south of Oman centred around the region capital of Salalah. This is a really mystical land, where you can well imagine following in the footsteps of the Queen of Sheba, in landscape, that seems unchanged since the dawn of time.

Of course since then, it is Islam that has shaped Oman and its culture and Heritage and driving through Dofar, I came across the tomb of Bin Ali an Islamic sage and holy man who died in 1135 AD.

I took many photos of this tomb, which is a fine example of mediaeval and Islamic architecture.

In a wonderful and dramatic landscape, this is the image that I finally made.

Bin Ali’s Tomb in Salalah in Oman
Bin Ali’s Tomb in Salalah in Oman

This image has sold well, both as a stock photo and to the photographic media. It was published for example, in Practical Photography, where the editor at the time. William Cheung, e-mailed me with the comment, “Nice one John”.

Now this may seem like a standard image, but it is in fact, a composition of two images merged together combining an image of the tomb and the sky taken on a stormy day which I shot specially for this photograph.

As I said in previous posts there is a long history of photographers combining many images to make a new one, but it still causes a furore.

A reader to Practical Photography wrote complaining about my image.

She said that I had taken two bad pictures and made one bad picture from them. Her main complaint, it seems was that the sky did not fit the foreground. In other words, the meteorological content was poor.

As I have said before, I always make it clear when I have manipulated a picture so I have nothing to hide, but nevertheless, it seems that this type of composition is still controversial in spite of this.

Or perhaps because of this.

This picture has been well received on the stock market, and I think it may continue to sell well. I’d be very happy to hear your opinions on this topic.

And now as they say something completely different…

I always like to respond to e-mails and comments and a little while ago I was asked for some buying advice on digital cameras.

As I’m not an expert on all the cameras on the market today I gave some example of review sites.

Perhaps within my area of experience, it was clear that batteries were going to be an important issue, and I believe that batteries are a vital accessories for photographers today.

I personally regret this as I worked for most of my pre-digital career with completely manual cameras, such as my Bronica which needed no batteries at all.

Still in a digital world. Batteries are important, so I thought, my views on batteries, might be of wider interest.

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