Season’s Greetings

“>Russian Church Of Saint Nikolai In Sofia The Capital Of Bulgaria by John Rocha

The Russian Church of Saint Nicholas the Miracle Worker in Sofia, Bulgaria

Here in Bulgaria, we’re coming to the end of the year.

I’m taking time out to concentrate on family and friends.

So, I’ll be posting again in the New Year.

Until then, Season’s Greetings and look forward to getting back with everyone next year.

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  • johnphoto says:


    Christmas Day on the 25th of December and New Year are big over here. I’m giving dates because it’s actually a possible conversation point in that the Orthodox Church follows a different calendar. In Russia for example Christmas will be on January 7th according to the Julian Calendar. Still Bulgaria will follow the ‘West’.

    Christmas Eve is specially important with a round cake with a coin in it and pumpkin flavoured banitsa.

    No Turkey or Christmas pudding here (Though we’ve made Christmas pudding). We’ll be having pork.

    Went out to the market and bought a Tree today. Bright sunshine and the snow thick on the ground.

    New Year’s Eve is seen in with sparkling wine. Some people go to restaurants and lots will brave the sub zero temperatures to attend the all night concerts in the main square in Central Sofia. Firework displays and some words from the President will see the New Year in.

    Of course you know this year, poor economy, unemployment and so on. Roll on 2011.

    I always say Season’s greetings because many of my friends are in countries where Christmas is not celebrated at all.

    All the best to all of you at Larissa

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