Seagull Flying Over The Aegean Sea

Seagull Flying Over The Aegean Sea Near Kavala In Northern Greece. Stockphoto by John Rocha


Seagull Flying Over The Aegean Sea


Seagulls are birds in the family laridae and this picture is of a seagull flying near the coast of Kavala in northern Greece following the ferry to Thassos.

Thassos is known as the emerald isle because of an abundance of grass and trees.

It is the most northerly island of the Aegean group and is just opposite the mainland Greek town of Kavala

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Photo Comments:

I love photographing birds and wildlife in general.

In my experience there are a couple of approaches to good close up photos of birds.

One is to use long lenses and stay right away from the birds.

The other is to get close up yourself.

In this case I was on the ferry between Kavala on the Greek Mainland and Thassos.

Enormous numbers of seabirds followed the ship and some would eat from the passengers’ hands.

They had no fear of humans and often came even to near.

For this seagull flying I was able to use a 28-80mm standard zoom.

The biggest problem with this kind of photo I find, is getting the exposure correct.

Bright sunlight and white feathers can easily result in blown highlights.

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