Saint George’s Day Bandsman in Sofia

Saint George's Day Bandsman in Sofia

Saint George’s Day is on May 6th and is also the day of the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

This means there are festivals all over the country and in Sofia selected units of the armed forces parade through the streets and are inspected by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

This year was no exception.

For economic and military reasons, the parades have got smaller in recent years and are no longer accompanied by displays from fighter jets and bombers.

Saint George’s Day Bandsman Photo Facts.

It’s a constant dilemma for the stills photographer.

How to encapsulate the nature of an event in a single photo.

Of course, it’s possible to embark on a photo essay and some photographers are moving towards video which obviously adds more possibilities.

But even with an essay or video there can stil be an attempt at one iconic image.

As this was a celebration rather than a martial exercise, I decided to concentrate on the ceremonial aspect.

I arrived early in the morning so I was able to position myself opposite the main dais where the dignitaries would gather.

I knew from past experience that the military band would march towards me and then turn away to face the president.

I felt that the instruments embodied the spirit of the band.

I waited for a moment of quiet when the musicians would put their heavy instruments on the ground.

I was lucky that without much effort I was able to find a low position in a direct line to subject.

As I was not able to change my distance this was an obvious reason to use a telephoto zoom lens.

I chose the 75-300mm Canon lens on my Canon 5D Mark 11.

This photo of a Saint George’s Day Bandsman was the result.

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