Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage in Cockington stockphoto by John Rocha


Rose Cottage in Cockington Village, Torquay


Cockington in Devon in the South West of England is one of the most picturesque traditional villages in the country.

Its origins are ancient as it was probably founded 2,500 years ago in the iron age, with evidence of two hill forts on either side of Cockington valley.

The first official documentation of the village was in the 10th century.

Rose cottage is one of a number of picturesque cottages and is now a tea room.

The eminent horticulturalist and author Robert sweet (1782-1635) was born in this cottage.

Cockington is within walking distance of the popular seaside resort town of Torquay

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Photo Comments:

This is a straightforward picture but it took a number of visits to the village to get the right combination of good weather and lighting conditions.

It’s vital for a shot like this to have good detail and greatdepth of field.

I was able to do this by combining a wide angle lens – a 28-75 Tamron SP with a small aperture.

I was not able to use a tripod as I was shooting over the hedge.

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2 Responses to Rose Cottage

  • TJ McDowell says:

    Well captured! Do you like your Tamron lens? We’ve been tossing around whether we want to stick with Canon only lenses or consider Sigma and Tamron as options.

  • johnphoto says:

    Hi TJ McDowell

    I got this lens quite a long time ago and I’ve used it on crop sensors and full frame. I can’t compare it with other lenses and probably there are individual product variations. Still, I’ve found it to be an ideal walk about lens. It’s not too big, the aperture is good and most of all the quality seems fine. Of course it doesn’t have image stabilization or the latest autofocussing technology. I expect price is always a factor. I think that for price/performance/convenience this is a really fine lens. Independent tests confirm this. Bob Askins for example ( gives it the thumbs up.

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