Restaurant Still Life in Veliko Turnovo

restaurant still life in Veliko Turnovo

The restaurant of the Hadjii Nikoli Inn is in Veliko Turnovo which was the capital of Bulgaria in the Middle Ages.

Now, It’s an expanding modern city with many traditional sites.

As well the main sites of the city the everyday life of the streets is part of the unique ambiance.

I was looking for a restaurant when I came across the Hadji Nikoli Inn

As a photographer I was struck by the beautiful architecture and the attention to detail.

I should say that I became a customer on the spot and was able to enjoy the excellent cuisine and first class service.

When I explained that my son had some dietary problems, they were happy to adapt the dishes on the menu to his needs.

The building is carefully restored from the work of the most famous architect of the Bulgarian Revival, Kolyu Ficheto and as well as the restaurant there is an art gallery and a shop where you can buy a variety of local wines.

Restaurant Still Life Photo Facts.

It’s not possible to capture the entire ambiance of a restaurant or any other building complex in only one picture so I tried to build up a complete picture with a number of pictures.

This photo shows the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper pots arranged with some menus.

As the light levels were quite good in the early afternoon I was able to handhold.

I used the archway of the entrance to steady myself and took several exposures.

With digital capture I prefer to shoot a number of exposures as some will turn out to be sharper than others.

I wanted to get the foreground sharp with less detail in the background and found this shot with a setting of f8 with my Tamron 28-75mm lens at 75mm gave me the result I wanted.

I’ll certainly return to Veliko Turnovo which is one of the most picturesque cities in Bulgaria and I’ll make a point of eating in the restaurant of the Hadjii Nikoli Inn

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