Purple flash drive with cap on green background stock photo by John RochaCaption:

Purple flash drive


Purple flash drive with cap on green background.

If you want to use this photo of a Purple flash drive,  go to Alamy.
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Photo Comments:

This is perhaps a boring photo from the purely pictorial point of view.

Still as a stock photograph it presents some challenges.

It needs to be bitingly sharp.

To ensure this I used:

a macro lens – my 100mm Canon Macro.

A low ISO for a low noise picture.

A camera with a large sensor – 21 megapixels on the Canon 5D Mark 11.

Studio Flash using a softbox and a reflector to stop camera shake and ensure even lighting.

Live view for extremely accurate manual focussing.

Mirror lock up, self timer and a remote release to prevent camera shake.

All of this was rigged up on a copy stand.

This close specks of dust will show up and need to be dealt with before the shoot – with compressed air in my case, or after the shoot cloning.

And then there’s keywording – What are these things called?

Is it a

Flash Drive

Flash Stick

Thumb Drive

USB Drive

USB Key (from the French)

And so on.

Then anyone searching for flash drive for example will get loads of false positive results unless the words are linked together by either the picture searcher, the photographer or the search engine.

It’s a minefield.

Still I didn’t entirely neglect the pictorial aspect.

I tried to get an interesting composition and chose colours that would complement each other.

At least the thingamajig isn’t black.

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