Plus ça change – New Millennium Bridge

St Pauls Cathedral Contrasts With The New Millennium Bridge In London The Capital England stockphoto by john rocha at


St Pauls Cathedral with The New Millennium Bridge In London, England


St Pauls Cathedral designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1675 contrasts with the Millennium Bridge built by Foster and partners in 2001 advised by sculptor Sir Anthony Caro combine to make a new Thames view

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There was a time, a few hundred years ago, when Londoners saw their great city all destroyed.

The Great Fire of London blazed its way through the city and the great medieval cathedral was no more.

Old St Pauls was begun in the reign of William the Conqueror and no doubt many people thought it would stand on Ludgate Hill for ever.

And so to today. Sir Christopher Wren’s huge Baroque construction stands in its place – and seems just as much a fixture.

The cathedral is more or less the same as it has always been but more or less quietly a new London is springing up around it. For Sir Christopher Wren read Sir Norman Foster – both united in knighthood.

Perhaps monuments to mammon rather than in praise of God.

It is, of course, possible to find a view of Saint Paul’s which is more or less unchanged, but this is almost perverse.

As a stock photographer, it’s important to document the change and the obvious difference is the Millenium Bridge across the Thames.

For this photo I wanted both the bridge and the cathedral.

Using a wide angle lens gets both buildings “in” but more importantly the apparent perspective emphasises the bridge.

It demonstrates the nature of the adage that the camera cannot lie.

As the scene was relatively static apart from the slight movement of the water I waited for some action, in this case a boat with its engine churning up the water to provide some contrast to the “timeless” scene.

I suppose unless there is some mishap our grandchildren will look upon the bridge and the cathedral is part of the same familiar view.

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