Plus ça Change – e-readers are here

_MG_2576_ereader stockphoto of an ereader by John Rocha at johnrochaphoto.netCaption:

An e-reader.


An electronic reader on a shelf of classic books.

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As a reader and a writer I love books.

There’s no doubt that electronic readers or e readers are changing the way we read.

I still love my books – but they have to be special books to compete with the special qualities of the e reader.

And, as a writer there are new publication possibilities.

I’m planning to write some photo books in electronic form.

As a stock photographer there are a number of challenges in this picture.

I wanted to contrast the colourful classic books with the dark grey of the reader.

As I wanted the emphasis to be on the e reader I had to be careful with my choice of aperture.

I wanted the background blurred by just the right amount.

One of the joys of digital photography is that it’s easy to keep trying until you get what you want.

From the stockphoto point of view I wanted a generic image.

This picture still has the logo of the e reader manufacturer.

This will have to go at some point as logos trade marks and the like are best avoided in stockphotos.

Happy reading!

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