Plate Painter in Malta

Plate Painter

People pictures like this candid portrait of a plate painter in a Maltese Pottery present a special challenge from the stock photography point of view.

So many stock photos of people are of stereotypical business people, doctors, pretty women, laughing old people and so on. Some of these are used over and over again on different sites

There’s a good reason for this of course – it’s all about model releases.

To use a photo in a commercial context it’s a good idea to have a model release which means that the model has agreed that the photo can be used in this way.

For photos like mine of a plate painter in a Maltese pottery model releases are not always practical and of course crowd scenes in the street are even worse.

This means that a picture like this can only be used in news or editorial context which limits its sales appeal.

Still as a photographer I prefer to take candid photos of people in their everyday lives.

Plate Painter Photo Facts.

The quality of a photo depends on light.

In my film days, shooting on slide film I would have needed to compensate for the colour temperature.

With digital it’s easier providing you shoot in RAW.

RAW is often preferred for greater quality over jpeg but one advantage is that the colour balance can be decided at the post processing stage.

Another point in photographing the plate painter was the need to use a fast shutter speed to keep the subject movement to a minimum.

There’s a danger that people using image stabilizing lenses may think they can use slow shutter speeds.

Of course, the point in a picture like Plate Painter is that I wanted to prevent not only camera shake but subject movement.

The final point is that only experienced models can pose so that they look natural.

For this reason I almost always prefer to take candid portraits of people engaged in some familiar activity so that they are not tempted into unnatural poses through self consciousness or fear.

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