Palm Trees in Egypt

Palm trees in Egypt royalty free stock photo by John Rocha

Palm Trees in Egypt


A group of Palm Trees in Egypt.

If you want to use this photo of  palm trees in Egypt , go to Alamy.

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Photo Comments:

I’m back in Egypt again – sort of.

In a previous post I touched on the difference between Royalty Free and Rights managed Pictures.

Pictures of people will usually be rights managed unless you’re very careful with releases.

However a picture like this one although it’s in Egypt is fairly generic – by which I mean it could be taken in quite a few places in the region.

Palm trees are not all the same and experts can doubtless distinguish many different varieties.

Still, palm trees convey tropical climes and exotic locations in general.

For this shot I chose to isolate a group of palm trees in Egypt against a sky background.

As this was a handheld shot at a distance I used the image stabilization setting on my Canon 70-300 IS zoom.

In case there’s any doubt it’s not always a good idea to use the IS facility though it’s pretty useful.

My experience is that using it seems to shortens battery life somewhat so if you can use fast shutter speeds this might be a reason not to use it sometimes.

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