Omani Village by the Water

Omani Village by the Water


Oman is a country with ever changing scenery.

At first, outside the cities, it seems an arid land.

But it’s soon clear that pools of water, the flash floods after the rain that transform the landscape, the water filled wadis , the deserts and the mountains, mean that the landscape changes from day to day.

Added to this is the contrast between the dry heat of the Capital Area around Muscat to the humid tropical climate of Dofar with its regional capital at Salalah.

And one further thing, Oman is a photo friendly country.

It is a traditional Islamic society but show respect to the people and their traditions and you will be welcome.

This Omani village is one of many that dots the Sharqiya region of Oman the gateway to the remote and famous Wahabi Sands

Omani Village by the Water – Photo Facts

The date palms, the white buildings, the Hajar mountains behind.

These make for a typical Omani Village in the interior.

But this day was different because the wadi was full of water and I was able to capture the reflection.

Like many photographers I find that reflections give an added dimension to any scene.

It’s easy to imagine the reflection will automatically enhance your picture, but it needs some thought especially in deciding how to balance the different elements.

I decided against cutting the image in half and gave more emphasis to the water.

The light breeze created waves and ripples.

There was plenty of light so I chose an exposure to give me plenty of Depth of Field while keeping the shutter speed fast enough for a handheld shot.

The sky in Oman is clear but it’s a good idea when shooting near the mountains and over the water to use a skylight filter to counteract blue shift.

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