This site has a new theme.

If you’ve been to this site before you might notice it looks a bit different.

You might even think you’ve come to another site.

Well I started this many years ago and a lot of things have changed in that time so I feel something a bit different is appropriate now.

When I started the site I wrote all the pages seperately using an HTML editor.

I made some pretty pages but I soon found that if I wanted to make some site wide changes, for example, changing the basic font, I had to go through every page individually.

Of course I soon found that I could have a go at CSS style sheets, but though I’m a bit of a computer junkie I’m a photographer and writer not a web designer.

Then I came across WordPress.

WordPress was created as a blogging platorm but it has developed too.

In the last few years while I’ve been blogging there have been big changes as Worpress has sueged into a full Blown CMS or Content Management System.

It’s a sort of full circle as now with just one change I can change everything.

One of the great things about WordPress is that there are so many plugins.

I’ve found some of these better than others, some that work for me and some that don’t.

Still, it’s important to check out new plugins as they become available – I’ll consider plugins in some detail another time.

And so we come to the New Theme:

The first New Theme is quite literally the appearance of the site.

WordPress is a system with lots of themes available, some paid for and some Free.

The problem of course is that like many other webmasters, I want a Unique Theme, a theme that is different from all the others, a theme that is easy on the eye and so on.

There are a couple of ways to get such a theme.

You can hire a theme designer for your new theme.

This can be quite expensive but there’s another problem.

I know lots of web designers and often their sites are designed to showcase their skills.

I have quite clear ideas of the kind of site I want – of course you may disagree.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time reading material from various sources.

Photoshelter for example provides free material and guides to good and bad sites with photographers in mind.

Two of the most disliked features on websites are Flash intros which take ages to load.

Even worse if there is no skip button.

And another is music that starts up as soon as you reach the site.

Another great sources of information is

This site is full of awful warnings which are worth reading.

So I’ve tried to provide a site that is

  • informative
  • Easy to navigate
  • Has good contrast levels and readability features.
  • Loads quickly

There is of course, a problem:

As a photographer I want to showcase photographs.

Photographs are relatively big files and cannot load as fast as text.

I hope I’ve managed to get this right.

You can design a New Theme yourself.

That’s what I decided to do.

Of course I cheated, for some time I’ve been making new themes using the software from Artisteer.

This really does make designing a new site a breeze.

There is of course a secondary meaning of a New Theme and that is a change of direction, different content and so on.

This is a photographer’s site.

I want you to enjoy my photographs and to buy my pictures.

But instead of just posting a daily, weekly, monthly picture I want to provide informative articles and reviews of photo equipment and software that I actually use along with tips and tricks that have helped me along.

Obviously all this takes time.

If you’re interested comment and bookmark on your favourite social sites.

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