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IMG_6731 sunflower by john rocha at johnrochaphoto.netCaption:

A Sunflower


An open sunflower against a sky background.

Photo Comments:
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I love flowers and photographing flowers.

And there’s something about sunflowers… Perhaps it’s the vibrant colours, the symmetry or the varied textures.

As far as this sunflower is concerned it’s a gift.

Here in Bulgaria, flowers are given for special occasions. And always in odd numbers.

I had a special reason for taking this photo.

I’m looking for photos to illustrate an e book I’m planning based on my articles on sharper photos.

There are lots of approaches to flower photography – sometimes with dreamy soft focus effects.

Still, the idea here was to be as sharp as possible.

I tried natural lighting but in the end went for a studio shot where I could control things better.

As a background I used one of a number of sky shots that I have taken specially.

For the main lighting I used a softbox and studio flash.

I used a gold reflector to throw a little light into the shadows though I wanted to keep the emphasis on  the main flower.

I took a chance with this shot by stopping down to f16.

I used my favourite Canon 100mm macro lens for this shot and took a chance on the diffraction problems to get the greatest depth of field.

I was looking for all over sharpness in the centre of the picture and needed maximum Depth of Field (DOF).

I think this was the result I wanted.

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