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IMG_3904-Rose Cottage, Cockington, Devon, England, Stockphoto by John Rocha at johnrochaphoto.netCaption:

Rose Cottage Cockington


Cockington in Devon in the west country is one of the most beautiful traditional villages in England.

Its origins are ancient as it was probably founded 2,500 years ago in the iron age, with evidence of two hill forts on either side of Cockington valley.

The first official documentation of the village was in the 10th century.

Rose cottage is one of a number of picturesque cottages and is now a tea room.

The eminent horticulturalist and author Robert sweet (1782-1635) was born in this cottage.

Cockington is within walking distance of the popular seaside resort town of Torquay.

Photo Comments:

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This is a building I’ve photographed many times.

One of the reasons for using stock photography is that photographers with local knowledge can do a better job than commissioned photographers from far away.

If you live nearbye and have local knowledge you can wait for the right conditions.

In England, even in summer there’s a good chance that the day will be cloudy or raining so if you want a sunshine shot you need patience and understanding.

As far as this shot is concerned there are a number of technical challenges:

It’s important that this sort of picture is sharp overall with sufficient Depth of Field.

It’s also important to use the lowest ISO possible to avoid excessive noise.

This particular building is surrounded by a stone wall.

This means that for this shot I needed to be inside the wall which restricted my position.

For this reason I chose a wide to normal zoom lens so that I could frame from a fixed position and used the wall itself as a support to guard against camera shake.

One final point – as I was using a standard full frame camera I made sure to take both vertical and horizontal images.

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