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Palm trees in the beautiful gardens on the seafront on Torquay, Devon in England stockphoto by john rocha at

Seaside Garden:


Palm trees in the beautiful gardens on the seafront in Torquay, Devon in England

If you want to buy a print, card or poster of the Seaside Garden, go to Alamy.

Photo Comments:

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It takes quite a while for a new photo to be ready for the market.

Like many digital photographers who see the whole process through I find the time spent on my computer to be more than the planning and taking.

The photos have to be organized and tagged.

The keepers have to be processed, colour corrected, cropped and so on.

And then there’s keywording which is one of the most time taking procedures.

Then the photos are ready to go out into the world.

Most of my stockphotos go to Alamy.

This means passing the rigid quality control procedure which checks for sharpness, exposure and dirt free pictures.

It’s easy if you have some dust spots on your sensor to miss them unless you look carefully especially in the skies.

The key difference with Alamy is that their Quality Control procedures are for technical perfection.

The editing of the photos is left to the photographer.

The benefit to the potential client is that there are many photos available on Alamy which might have been rejected by the editors of the old film photo libraries who had to worry about storage space and archival standards for the storage.

For the photographer there’s the chance of selling a photo that might not appeal to everyone.

And as with all digital libraries there’s no precious original to lose.

I am not the only photographer whose photos have been lost by careless or less than honest companies.

That’s now all in the past.

This particular photo illustrates a number of stock photo truisms.

A shot like this needs to be shot in sunshine – though another approach might appeal to a niche market.

But this is England and one of the worst summers I can remember.

I was luckily able to get to the sea front on one of the few sunny days.

For this photo I needed plenty of depth of field so I used my 28-75mm Tamron at its widest setting.

As I was travelling light I used a Cullman monopod to provide extra support.

The result is  a picture which hopefully conveys the warmth of the English West Country in summer.

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