Blue And Yellow Macaw (Ara  Ararauna) Close Up stock photo by John RochaCaption:

Blue And Yellow Macaw (Ara Ararauna) Close Up

The blue and yellow macaw is one of the largest parrots and is frequently chosen as a pet because of its companionable nature, ability to speak and exotic appearance.

Macaws are expensive birds costing over $1000. 00 dollars.

They need a variety of food apart from seeds and can live to up to 60 years.

Native mainly to South America this Macaw is not a threatened species

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Photo Comments:

I found this Macaw with a number of others in an aviary in Kent.

The lighting level was good but not very bright.

Here were my thoughts:

I wanted a close up which meant using a long lens with good close focussing.

I wanted to show every feather which meant maximum sharpness.

I wanted to avoid any sign of wires or cage

This meant:

No camera shake.
No subject movement:
Keeping to a low ISO for a low noise result.

One bonus was that at least for the moment the parrots seemed completely still.

This combination of factors made a telephoto zoom ideal – the main reason being that with a zoom lens you can choose your exact distance and position and then compose accordingly.

I was able to to press the front of my 75-300 IS Canon zoom against the wire.

This meant that with carefully positioning the wire would “disappear” from my picture.

(taking care to avoid flare from the wire.)

Also this meant that with the extra support I could use a slower shutter speed than would be possible handheld.

I was able to try a few exposures using both auto and manual focus to make sure that I focused on the eye.

I took both horizontal and vertical shots but this was my most successful.

New Features:

I’ve introduced a few new features this week:

I’ve posted a page of travel pictures from twelve countries available from Alamy – I’m planning to finish my Guide to Travel Photography in the foreseeable future.

I’ve added the Photobox printing services to the places where you can buy prints of my photos.

If you’ve got a birthday, anniversary or other celebration why not choose one of my pictures as a gift?

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