King Ethelbert, Bretwalda

King Ethelbert of Kent ruled from 552 to 616.

He was Bretwalda or High King of England and converted to Christianity in 597.

He was later canonised.

His wife, Queen Bertha of Kent (known as Saint Bertha in Kent) (539-c. 612) was the Queen of Kent whose influence led to the introduction of Christianity to Anglo-Saxon England.

Bertha was the daughter of Charibert I, King of Paris.

This statue was sculpted by local sculptor Steve Melton in 2006.

King Ethelbert of Kent Photo Facts

Every Day the world is changing.

As photographers I believe we need to keep up with these changes at least as they change the visual environment around us.

This is specially true in editorial and stock photography because it’s important to represent the changes in even the most iconic locations.

Perhaps not everyone in the world has some idea of Canterbury in England but it’s certainly a well known city with its important role in the Anglican Faith.

And of course, the Cathedral is one of the most photographed buildings in the world, instantly recognizable from countless images.

The point of this image is to link one of the new additions to the landscape of Canterbury with the old.

I had to find a viewpoint for this statue which would include the Cathedral.

I was looking to emphasise the statue, not the Cathedral.

To achieve this I had to find a viewpoint which included both the statue of King Ethelbert of Kent and enough of the Cathedral to register.

The next point was to choose an aperture which would provide the optimum Depth of Field.

Luckily with two static subjects it’s possible to take a number of pictures at difference apertures.

To avoid looking up at the statue and to include the cathedral I had to be at some distance.

For this reason I chose to use a telephoto zoom – in this case a Canon 75-300 IS on my Canon 5D Mark 11.

This image is available to licence from Alamy Code: BG8797

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