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Dandelion Clock - digital photo by john rocha

Dandelion Clock

Some time ago I promised to come back to what you might call the non photographic aspects of photography – particularly Stock Photography.

Perhaps looking at some of the wider issue such as a workflow involving computers and computer programmes, storage and websites, Stock Agencies and so on.

As this is a photo site I decided when writing this sort of post that a good idea might be to start with a picture of a successful Stock Photo and then go on to the post theme.

This post starts with a photo of a Dandelion Clock.

I’ve taken hundreds of dandelion photos over the years but this one shows the influence of digital imaging techniques.

It’s a studio shot taken using electronic flash against a black velvet background.

I used my sensor cleaning blower to puff a little and loosen a couple of spores as I took the picture.

Later I made several layers and created a pattern based on repeating the individual spores.

No point in pretending that this is a straight shot – nevertheless the final image matched very closely the image in my mind’s eye.

And so to the “business” side of Stock Photography.

This was originally inspired by a comment from a reader called Mary – I responded to her personally but it seems to me that her query opens up a number of interesting avenues that I have had to encounter over the years.

My husband is interested in starting his own website for his photos. Because there are so many sites available, how did you choose yours? Did you find others just as good or are you satisfied with this one?

One of the main problems is the ever changing nature of photographic practice in a digital age.

I think it’s fair to say that this comment is pretty vague – the expression “sites available” is a bit confusing, perhaps it’s webhosts.

Anyway, I thought it was worth looking into a bit more.

First of all, I think it’s certainly helpful for a photographer to have web presence but exactly what sort needs a bit of thinking about.

If you want to have a presence of your own, you’re going to need to host it somewhere.

So, next time let’s have a look at some hosting options

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