Ice Cream Deckchair in Torquay

Ice Cream Deckchair

Deckchairs are a feature of the English seaside.

But that doesn’t automatically make them iconic.

I was looking for an image which would sum up the seaside but clearly would not identify the locale in the way of the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Ice Cream Deckchair Photo Facts.

Of course it’s a very simple picture but simple pictures still need some planning.

The first point was the concept. How to show the seaside without the sea and the sand.

And then not just any deckchair would do.

I don’t know when the technology for printing bright patterns on deckchairs came in and I don’t know how colour fast it could be.

The deckchairs of my youth were patterned with faded stripes.

I started by looking for the perfect deckchair.

There were groups of chairs with bold patterns and I took some group shots.

Finally I decided on a tight crop leaving out the wooden frame and legs and concentrating on the pattern.

As the subject is reasonably flat, there are few depth of field problems but this is a shot that depends on overall sharpness so I stopped down to make sure and also to choose an aperture of optimum quality.

As always the lighting was crucial.

The weather in England is changeable even in summer.

I wanted bright but diffused light.

I waited until there was some cloud cover to get the effect I wanted.

Then it was just a question of composing tightly and taking care to hold my Canon EOS Mark 11 steady.

I used my standard Tamron SP 28-75mm zoom – but if I had planned more carefully I probably would have used my 50mm prime.

This picture of an Ice Cream Deckchair  comes from my gallery Images of England.



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