I Love Liveview 3

Christmas cactus closeup by John Rocha

So, with LiveView it’s possible to get extremely accurate focus and the high definition LCD screen is a real help with accurate composition.

Of course none of this is any good if there’s any camera shake to destroy the sharpness.

Usually with LiveView I use mirror lockup and either the Self Timer setting or a remote control release.

One problem with my remote control is that I have to be in front of the camera to fire the shutter.

With a picture like this Christmas Cactus close up I’ll often use electronic flash.

Here I used a softbox and a small gold reflector to fill in the shadows.

My Second Stage of  Backup.

Moving on from Optical Disks, the next stage I’m currently using involves external hard drives.

Even here the situation is changing with Solid State drives coming on to the market – still the cost/capacity ratio is not good enough at the moment.

So I still rely on external hard drives for my terrestrial backup.


usb3 external hard drive photo by John RochaHere is a typical example of my current equipment.

A two terabyte hard drive provides a capacity unheard of only a few years ago.

Transferring thousands of large files can be a slow process so I decided to upgrade to the latest USB 3 standard.

As my computer is a couple of years old I had to buy and fit an addon card.

This system works well and the transfer is considerably faster than the USB 2 drives that I mostly use.

This backup system has a number of key advantages.

External hard drives are reliable and robust – though of course one day the drive will crash.

The price is right.

The backups can be kept separately from the master files which means that if there is a fire or a burglary all is not lost.

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