I Love LiveView 2

Liveview 10 times magnification by John Rocha
So, LiveView is great for composition:

The second great point for me is focussing:

I’m not claiming that focussing on the screen is completely accurate in absolute terms – there’s some evidence that it’s not.

There are problems of manufacturing tolerance for example.

Still, it’s more accurate than a simple point and shoot autofocus approach.

On the Canon 5D Mark 11 it’s possible to position the autofocus sensor exactly where you want it and then to magnify the image 5 or 10 times.

This makes it possible to focus with great accuracy on a flower, a stamen, a feeler, an insect’s eye or a drop of water.

Given the importance of Depth of Field in landscape and macro photography this is a real advantage.

So, What About Backup? What are options?

Just by chance I got a good example of the problem recently. My wife is a book editor and was talking to one of her authors.

This woman has moved from children’s books to adult fantasy literature.

Recently her house was burgled and the thieves took her computer.

As you’ve probably guessed, she hadn’t backed up her work.

Photographs are a bit trickier than texts as the files are big.

One problem is that the backup scenarios are rapidly changing? Does anyone remember ZIP drives?

We need to be confident that out backups will still be there, easily accessible, in the future.

So what are the options?

First off there are:

Optical Disks:

By this I mean CDs, DVDs, and most recently BlueRay disks.

These developments mean that capacities are getting bigger:

Problem is that photo files are getting bigger too.

If you shoot RAW files it’s easy to fill up the disks pretty quickly.

You need a lot of disks, you need some way of knowing what’s on the disks, and you need top quality disks.

The sad fact is that optical disks get scratched and damaged and may not last for many years.

I still use optical disks, but I don’t think they’re the best or only option.

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