Happy New Year

I’m a bit late with my first post of 2011.

This year has started well with a computer crash. It’s the power supply I think, one of the more fragile parts of the computer.

So I’m on my netbook now.

All around me the snow is deep.

This is the view from my window – little chance of getting out of the garage or down to my friendly computer dealer for a while.

Hope it’s a great year for all of you out there and I’ll put off announcing this year’s plans until I’m fully up and running again

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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  • TJ McDowell says:

    We had snow in December, but then we got some unseasonably warm weather and tornadoes a few days ago. Weird!
    Hope you can get your computer problems fixed soon.

  • johnphoto says:

    Thanks for your comment – of course computer problems are annoying but I have backup systems in place. The main problem is that I’m now using a computer which is set up for quite a different purpose – I.e. photo storage when I’m travelling. Still, I’ve plugged the full size monitor and keyboard in and all is going well. Be glad to have my main system back again though – I feel for you in your admin problems. Still, the bright side is that you might have got a more suitable system.

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