Hang Glider Over the Cliffs

Hang Glider Over the Cliffs of the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria

To photograph this Hang Glider over the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria I had to climb the winding lanes behind the cliffs in Albena.

In summer there are many opportunities for action photos.

Hang Glider over the Cliffs Photo Facts:

From many points of view this is a straightforward shot.

The main problem was to get into a good position on the cliffs overlooking the Black Sea.

After all, one of the main factors in getting a good photograph is being in the right place at the right time.

I had seen the hang gliders from the beach and taken some ground to air shots but it was obvious that I would get better photos from a position much higher up.

This meant being in the right place so I had to walk up the winding track and finally scramble to a good position in the rocks.

As far as timing was concerned, the main point was to pick a time of day with good light quality – This shot depends on the colour contrast between the hang glider and the backdrop of the blue sky.

Obviously safety is an issue here and it’s vital to be at a good distance from the subject which means using a telephoto lens.

As there’s very limited room for moving nearer a zooms lens makes tight framing possible.

For this shot I used the long end of my 75-300 mm Zoom.

Another problem is exposure:

It’s easy to be fooled by the large expanse of blue sky.

This is a good reason to shoot in RAW for the maximum exposure latitude.

Using a long lens, hand held, is a recipe for camera shake so I used a fast shutter speed and made sure the IS (Image Stabilization) was set to on.

This combination ensured a sharp, tightly framed composition.





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