Green leaf Close Up

A macro photo of a green leaf leaf with waterdrops by John Rocha at PhotoboxCaption:

Green Leaf Close Up.


This is a macro photo of a detail from a green leaf.

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Photo Comments:
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I’ve loved macro photography for many years.

I started using close up lenses and a bellows unit with a Russian Industar lens.

I graduated to macro lenses, first of all by Tamron and now with the Canon 100 Macro lens.

I use this lens whenever I can if I want sharp photographs. It’s super sharp with great build quality and fast focussing.

The standout feature for me is that it doesn’t extend or turn as it focusses – all the focussing is internal.

I’ve photographed leaves from my own house plants many times and, perhaps, surprisingly with considerable success on the stock market.

I decided to offer this picture as an art print because I’m fascinated by the structure and detail which results in a semi abstract composition.

It’s a simple, straightforward photograph, but it’s not easy to get it just right.

I used electronic flash with a soft box for even, diffused lighting with some direction for contrast.

I weighed down the edges of the leaf to make it as flat as I could.

I used my Benro Traveller tripod to hold my Canon Mark 5D Mark 11 in place.

I used live view and manual focus to help me with precise focussing and composition.

I tried many different crops and compositions but this is the one I liked best.

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