Gishpuppy – Anti Spam Email

First you need to open a free account at

Mostly it’s self explanatory but as I’ve used this service for a long time, I have a few tweeks.

This guide assumes you’re using the Firefox browser and gishpuppy plugin.

For this guide I’m going to create an email for my website,

Step one:

Right click on the page and choose gishit:

“>choose gishit photo by John RochaStep Two

The gishpuppy window will open and you will have to sign in with your user name and password.

Then you’ll get the main screen:

“>Register new email with gishpuppy by John RochaTip:

You can change the keyword if you like:

Step Three:

Now click on Next to generate your new email:

Step Four:

You can now use your new email online.

If you get spammed you can simply delete it.

Step Five:

Easy Search:

The main use of a gishpuppy email is if you get spammed. To do this you have to find it. If you have hundreds of gishpuppy emails you may find the search doesn’t always work.

That’s why I suggest this tip – after you have entered your email into the web page, right click again.

This time the popup box gives you the option of editing your email:

“>gishpuppy email for editing by John RochaStep Six:

To make searching for the email when you need it easier, you can copy the email and paste it into the description box:

email description box by John RochaI’ve used this anti-spam system for some years and it’s been very reliable.

Let’s stop spam.

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