First words of 2007

Happy New Year to all photographers and lovers of photography


Starting a blog like starting any other piece of writing is bound to be a problem. There are lots of ways of starting – starting by jumping in at the deep end – starting by giving a long biography – starting in the hope there’ll be a beginning, middle and an end and so on. But I thought I would start for two or three reasons.


On my old website I had some idea of giving tips and ideas on photography but it soon became clear from the feedback that while this was popular, a website was not really a very good place to do this so I thought a blog would be much better.


My plan in this blog is to talk about some of the photographs I have taken, why I’ve taken them, how I’ve taken them and some of the problems and issues. This will take me back to the days many years ago when I used to be a frequent contributor to photographic magazines concentrating mainly on technical issues.


This is likely to have a different emphasis now with digital imaging as I’ll probably be talking only about working with digital images


Another idea of course is to go down the biographical route but the problem with this is that huge chunks of my life may not be equally interesting to everybody and would take an awfully long time.


I expect if you follow this blog you will find out some bits and pieces about me as we go along the way. You’ll find out that I’ve been a photographer for a long time – over 50 years, that I’m British and live in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. This is probably enough for the moment.


The third idea is that having found that my previous website is not exactly of the kind I wanted. I’ve now revamped it and started my new version ( which has a number of additional features which I think might be of interest in a wider context.


One is that as a web master and Internet user I’m very, very anxious not to spam or be spammed. And therefore I’ve teamed up with the people at Gishpuppy to offer a free, spam free email address to site visitors and I recommend this service.


I’ve also been asked how to obtain copies of my pictures for purely personal use. Like most other photographers I’m very keen to protect my copyright but I have put a small sample selection of my personal photos available for sale through the British printing company Photobox.


Of course if you are interested in using my photographs commercially, I’ve linked to my account at leading photo agency Alamy where you can search through images and buy various rights


Another service is that you can send free e-cards through my site courtesy of the Irish electronics greetings organisation.


Now I think that’s almost enough for the moment – but I intend to follow up in my next blog with a discussion with my nephew the forager Fergus Drennan which is a photographic, not just a family matter.


Hope you’ll want to read on.


And Happy New Year again and or/ Happy Eid



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