Festival Photos – Mosta Bishop

A papier-mache statue of an Archbishop erected for the feast of Saint Mary the Assumption on the 15th August in Mosta, Malta, stockphoto by John RochaCaption:

Festival Photos – Mosta Bishop


For a week in August the village of Mosta in Malta explodes with fireworks and celebrations.

One of the outstanding features is the lifesize papier-mâché statues that are put up in the main streets.

The festival is for the Feast of Saint Mary the Assumption on the 15th August.

This realistic statue represents a Bishop.

If you want to use this photo of a papier-mâché bishop, go to Alamy.

Photo Comments:
😉 >>A photo like this illustrates some of the practical problems of Stock Photography.

As a photographer I am fully conscious of the importance of light.

I accept that the best photographs are not always taken with frontal lighting in bright sunshine.

However, in many cases we have to accept that some events around the world take place at particular times for non photographic reasons.

To be frank, to go to Malta in the middle of August would not be my first choice.

I have lived for some years in the Middle East in Oman and Saudi Arabia so I know what heat is like. Malta is about the same with high temperatures in an arid climate in the middle of summer.

For most of my pictures I tried to catch the sun early in the morning and then in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.

Still some objects like this one with a fixed position meant that I had to find the best lighting to emphasise the bright colours.

It’s often best to isolate the main subject either through shallow depth of field or by finding an appropriate background.

In this case I chose the blue sky as background and isolated the statue by using a telephoto zoom lens my 75-300mm Cannon.

As I wanted this picture to show a great deal of detail I was happy that I could use the 21 megapixels of my Canon 5D Mark 11.

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