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Military Parade on 24th May, alphabet day in Sofia, Bulgaria by John Rocha on JohnrochaphotoCaption:

Military Parade on Alphabet Day in Sofia, Bulgaria


One of the first festivals of the Spring/Summer in Bulgaria is Alphabet Day with its mixture of religious processions and street parades.

Photo Comments:
>> 😛
Festivals in different parts of the world are organized in different ways. Luckily in Sofia things are very relaxed. The atmosphere is indeed festive.

From the photo point of view, I find it better to use a wide angle lens and get as much into the action as I can. There are usually quite a few other photographers and videophotographers so it’s important to help out and keep out of each others way.

A photo like this needs a bit of luck.

A lot depends on the composition. The first important thing is to try to get the background right. It’s easy to get too many inappropriate elements in the picture. A wide angle lens provided great depth of field so it’s not really possible to throw the background out of focus.

One solution is to take a low viewpoint and concentrate on the parade and the sky behind.
Another factor is timing.

It’s obviously important to deal with the movement.

My objective in this photo was to capture the brightly coloured national flag and to make sure that the soldier’s face was not obscured.

One more aspect is the balance between blurred and sharp elements.

It’s quite all right to have some blur in the moving elements such as the flags but I wanted the main people to be sharp.
For this reason I felt that the shutter speed was more important than the aperture and set my camera to shutter priority.

There’s certainly an element of hit and miss with pictures like this as there are so many elements which can’t be predicted or controlled.

From the technical point of view it’s vital to have a good understanding of your equipment especially the shutter lag characteristics.

Even an advanced DSLR has measurable lag and this must be taken into account.

Backup – From the Ground to the Cloud.

All the talk these days is about cloud computing.

From the backup point of view there are some positive aspects.

Backups in the cloud clearly provide another copy of each photo and they are in a new location. Clearly even if your disks are stolen or burnt the pictures in the cloud, in cyberspace won’t be affected.

But, there are some big buts.

Are they really secure in the cloud. Web based companies come and go. We’re not in the dot.com bubble days but will these companies be here in 10, 20, 30 years.

Our digital assets are there to be passed on to our successors.

And there are privacy and security concerns.

Personally I read the policies of various companies carefully and many of them are unacceptable to me.

Another problem is that some web based companies seem to take action to remove pictures from blogs or even to refuse accounts for what seem to be mainly political reasons.

And there are practical problems.

Backing photos up to the an internet site is not always a simple process. Each site has its own upload systems and even jpegs need a lot of bandwidth.

Most Internet Service providers emphasize the download speeds but for backup upload speeds are more important.

Seems to me there’s a lot of caution needed

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