Festival Photo – May Day Hobby Horse in Padstow

May Day Hobby Horse In Padstowe In Cornwall In England stockphoto by john rochaCaption:

May Day Hobby Horse in Padstow


Every year the population of the tiny village of Padstow in Cornwall, England  is swelled as locals and visitors alike enjoy the Mayday hobby horse festival.

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Padstowe is a tiny village in Cornwall England.

Every year on the first of May the populations swells as thousands of tourists converge on the narrow street to enjoy the Hobby Horse Festival.

The Hobby Horse which is black with an African inspired mask parades through the streets urged on by Teazers.

It’s not easy to to take clear photos with such a large crowd and constant movement.

As always it’s good to be prepared and know some of the locality well.

Some viewpoints are better than others.

For an event like this I usually use a wide angle lens and use a zone focus approach setting the lens at its hyperfocal distance.

My experience is that it’s worth taking as many shots as possible and hoping for a bit of luck.

Still, it’s the same for everyone and there are no special positions that guarantee the best shots.

It’s a great atmosphere and I hope to capture some of the excitement of the crowds.

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