Festival Photo – Masked Mummer


Masked Mummer


This is a close up of a masked mummer at the summer Rose Festival in Kazanlak in Bulgaria.

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The Wikipedia entry is accurate:

The Rose Festival is one of the most remarkable events in Bulgaria, dedicated to beauty and flowers, to spring and the fragrance of the priceless Kazanlak rose. The beautiful celebrations for the blossom of the roses there takes place in the first week of June. The whole week is filled with different attractions every day.

Most years I attend the Rose Festival in Kazanlak, not just because of the festival but because of the many monuments and attractions in the area.

From the photographic point of view it’s not a complete improvement that the crowds get bigger every year.

I remember the first festival I attended about 10 years ago where I seemed to be alone with a bunch of Japanese tourists.

Nowadays thousands of people come from all over the globe.

The point is that rose growing is central to the Bulgarian economy and rose products are the basis of much of the worlds perfume industry.

Another problem is that in June the summer sun is extremely harsh leading to excessive contrast and harsh eye sockets in deep shadow.

I have a number of approaches to this.

I try to get there a day or two early and take photos in the evening when the sun is weaker.

I try to isolate some of the young people in their colourful costumes to photograph them in the open shade.

In this example the mummer’s mask is non reflective so the contrast is not too strong.

A further point is that once you know the route you can catch the mummers as they set out, sometimes resting under trees on the way and far away from the crowds that are waiting in the town.

When I can I prefer to use prime lenses but for accurate framing of moving subjects zoom lenses come in useful. Here I used my 75-300 Canon Zoom.

On Search Engines, Articles, Plagiarism.

Over the last few months I’ve written a few articles on keywording and photo sharpness.

My intention is to provide illustrations and more examples to put together as an ebook.

I have a lot of experience in writing photo articles.

My first article was in 1970 when I was honoured to share the wildlife expert spot with the late great Eric Hosking.

Since then I’ve contributed frequently to the photo press but lately I’ve concentrated on the internet.

I thought I would follow up how search engines picked up my articles and what happened to them.

For me it’s pretty fascinating and so I’ll report further – it may be of interest to you.

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