Festival Photo – Bungy Jumper

Female bungy jumper in the Boris Gardens, Sofia, Bulgaria stock photo by John RochaCaption:

Bungy Jumper


A young woman bungy jumping in the Boris Gardens in Sofia

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As Spring comes to Sofia after the harsh winters, there are various celebrations in the city parks and gardens.

Here people were invited to try bungy jumping.

I decided to stay on the ground and capture the action.

A photo like this presents a number of challenges:

You have no control over the action – though if you get a chance to see a few jumps you can get some idea of the trajectory.

The jumpers move pretty fast – you need good timing.

You need to keep a good distance away – this means telephoto lenses. I used my 75-300mm Canon zoom for this lens.

You’ll only get one chance – you can’t bracket shots like these.

You need to have a really good knowledge of you equipment. All cameras have shutter lag and some digital models are particularly slow in this respect.

I used a Canon DSLR 450D for this shot. This camera is pretty good for action.

And then there’s focussing! If you’re going to use autofocus then you need to make sure you have a suitably positioned sensor.

For this photo I had to use a fast shutter speed but also stop down as much as possible. A crop sensor camera give a little more depth of field to cover focussing errors.

Most important is to get some decent composition – a good view of the face and a clean background of blue sky were my goals here.

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