England T Shirt in Veliko Turnovo

England T Shirt

This England T Shirt exemplifies one of the peculiarities of the times we live in – the use of English as an international language.

Huge numbers of people who use English are not native speakers and this can lead to some bizarre results.

I’ve been fascinated by the way the language is used on items of clothing often originating in China, Turkey or other mass production countries.

This England T Shirt is fairly typical and I think qualifies as a sign of the times.

England T Shirt Photo Facts

I take it as one of a photographer’s duties to document the changing word around us.

The changes happen almost imperceptibly but look back only a few years and see how things have changed.

Fashion, of course, change frequently.

Travelling around I’ve noticed that for a while there’s been a fashion of wearing clothing with all sort of texts.

This England T shirt is a good example.

It was behind a plate glass in shop window display.

The good point was that it was static, so I could take my time.

The problems included:

The possible reflections caused by shooting through glass.

The fixed position.

There are several ways of dealing with reflections of this type.

On this occasion I chose to use a rubber lens hood and placed it directly on the glass.

This deals with the reflection problem and any imperfections or dirt on the glass are out of focus.

As the lens is against the glass framing is not possible with a prime lens.

For this reason I used a zoom lens, this time my 28-75mm Tamron SP.

As the camera is supported by the glass it’s possible to use relatively low shutter speeds.

Probably this England T shirt has been sold.

Possibly it has been thrown away or has worn out.

Still one role of photography is to capture (semi) permanently an image of an ephemeral event.

The England T Shirt may be gone, but the photo lives on.

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