Egyptian Policeman

Egyptian policeman stockphoto by john rocha

Egyptian Policeman


A portrait of a smiling Egyptian policeman.

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Photo Comments:

When you go travelling you’ll certainly come across great scenery and buildings.

But don’t forget the people.

I have no one approach to taking pictures of people except that it’s vital to treat people with respect.

Just because some people are poor or down and out or seem eccentric or bizarre they all deserve their dignity.

Sometimes you can chat to people and see what they think.

I often find with this approach that people can be stiff and unnatural. They can take on poses.

Sometimes I’ll use a telephoto lens and pick people out from a distance.

This means not intruding into peoples comfort zone.

I take the view that in popular tourist areas people are used to photographers and expect to be photographed so that it’s all right to go ahead.

Also while I always try to be reasonably unobtrusive I always make it clear that I’m a photographer so people can keep out the way.

Anyway, the point is that photographing people is possibly an ethical minefield.

I felt that this photo captures the good natured attitude of the Egyptian policeman.

From the technical point of view I took this photo with my 75-300 Canon telephoto zoom.

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2 Responses to Egyptian Policeman

  • johnphoto says:

    Hi Tini

    Thanks for your point. I agree with you. In fact one of the most important responsibilities of a photographer is deciding what image to promote with pictures of people. It’s a sad fact that for all sorts of reasons policemen often have a negative image with the public now

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