Egyptian Hat Seller in Saqqara- Gallery Picture

Egyptian Hat Seller

This image of an Egyptian hat seller is a response to one of the challenges of photography far from home – to try to capture something different from the standard postcard views of famous sites.

One approach is to include images of the local people as habits, clothes and manners change.

Here I was in Egypt in Saqqara near the ancient city of Memphis and the site of the pyramid  considered the earliest in Egypt.

Like every other well known site in Egypt there were dozens of locals selling souvenirs and trinkets.

As I was actually willing to buy a hat the hat seller caught my attention.

Egyptian Hat Seller Photo Facts

There are a number of approaches to photographing people in their familiar environment.

Often I favour a completely candid approach using either a telephoto lens, or a lens so wide that people assume they’re not in the picture.

However it’s a also possible to chat to people and strike up some sort of rapport.

Obviously the hat seller was keen to sell his hats and that gave me a starting point.

Another was that though his English was much better than my minimalistic Arabic he was pleased that I had some knowledge and experience of living in the region.

We established that being photographed was not offensive and I was able to take a number of pictures.

My objective was to establish the location as well with some imagery from the Pyramid itself.

Photographically I wanted to focus mainly on the hat seller’s eyes while throwing the Pyramid out of focus in the background.

This was best suited to a moderate telephoto viewpoint.

For this shot I used my Canon DSLR handheld with my Tamron 28-75mm lens set on 63mm – a standard portrait length on a crop sensor.

This photo is from my gallery – Images of Egypt.

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2 Responses to Egyptian Hat Seller – Gallery Picture

  • Well I’m not a photographer really, I simply point and shoot. Didn’t really know there was a lot to it. I guess especially in unfamiliar places.

  • johnphoto says:

    As photographers we’re all point and shooters but I suppose that like many activities it’s the knowledge, skill and passion that goes into it that counts. Thank for stopping by

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