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Trees and Sun in Växjö – Gallery Picture

Trees and Sun in Växjö, Sweden

Trees and Sun in Växjö, Sweden

Trees and Sun in Växjö is a picture which is based on using the full range of tones in monochrome.

When I took this photo originally it was with the intention of producing a print for personal use or magazine reproduction.

Today things have moved on with production on a computer and reproduction often ending on a screen.

The main problem is still how to deal with range of tones in involved.

Växjö in Kronoberg County is, in many ways, a landscape photographers paradise with its clean air, forests and lakes

Trees and Sun in Växjö, Sweden – Photo Facts

As I was cycling through the surrounds of Växjö in Sweden I came across this clump of trees.

The sun was low in the sky.

I realised that there was no way I could get detail in the trees while keeping tone in the sky and an image of the sun which was more than a white disk.

I bracketed some exposures with the intention of losing detail in the trees and going for a sillhouette effect to create a semi abstract composition.

When shooting into the sun there are a few things to think of:

The most important is the safety issue:

Don’t look at the sun directly or through the viewfinder.

Photographically, a lenshood will not be much help but you need a lens with very good multi coating and with a clean surface.

For this kind of photo I prefer to use a prime lens with fewer elements and also I take off the filter I normally keep over the lens.

A filter introduces another source of reflection.

Using a clean prime lens made it possible to shoot this picture of Trees and Sun in Växjö without distracting reflections and light trails

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