Crocuses Blooming on Mount Vitosha

It’s early to find crocuses blooming on Mount Vitosha but Spring is here at last.

I believe Spring comes when the weather is right and the flowers bloom.

Luckily on the 20th March this year when Spring officially begins there is a miraculous change.

Only a few days ago the streets were icy but now the snow has cleared.

There’s a reason for cliches and new flowers are one of the cliches of Spring.

I can see Mount Vitosha from my window as I write.

It’s still snow capped but it’s clear that I’ll soon join many of the citizens of Sofia and look for signs of Spring, and more crocuses blooming as the winter disappears.

Crocuses Blooming on Mount Vitosha Photo Facts.

There are all sorts of problems photographing plants and flowers in their natural habitat.

Of course, there’s the quality of light.

It’s possible to use harsh lighting but I waited until there was some cloud cover to give some overall diffusion to these crocuses blooming on the mountainside.

As the flowers were near the ground they also received reflected light from the pale grasses surrounding them.

Being near the ground has another benefit:

Outdoor flower photography is plagued by wind.

It’s possible to use this to advantage but for these crocuses blooming I wanted an environmental portrait.

As they were so near the ground, I fitted my Canon camera to my Cullmann monopod.

This model closes to 38 cm and so fits into my camera pack and helps with photos of this kind.

I was looking to show the crocuses blooming in their natural surroundings.

This meant careful focussing on the flowers and ensuring that the background was not distracting.

As Depth of Field was so crucial I took a number of exposures at different apertures.

As I was shooting from a fixed point I decided on a 28-80mm zoom lens and luckily this produced acceptable Bokeh.

Soon I’ll be looking for more crocuses blooming on Mount Vitosha.

You can licence this photo of blooming crocuses from Alamy – Code A37R19


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