Craftsman in the Medina Glassworks

Craftsman in the Medina Glassworks in Malta


A Craftsman in the Medina Glassworks in Malta


Mdina glass comes from Malta in the Mediterranean.

It is easily recognised both for its distinctive colours and for the Mdina signature and paper labels.

Mdina Glass opened their original Ta’Qali factory in 1968.

If you want to use this photo of a craftsman in the Medina Glassworks, go to Alamy.

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Photo Comments:

I felt that this was an ideal opportunity to check out the low light capabilities of my Canon 5D Mark 11.

Traditionally more megapixels mean more noise and the Canon 5D Mark 11 has 21 Megapixels – that’s quite a lot.

I took some shots in the Medina Glassworks handheld using the IS system on my Canon 70-300mm zoom and then I switched off and started looking for some support.

I’ll make a confession.

I saw another photographer using a convenient table and giving him a friendly nod – you never know what language people will know in these circumstances – I used the same table for this shot.

I can confirm that the low light performance of this sensor is outstanding and I got quite a few keepers using both handheld IS and supported techniques.


Here are the keywords:

Essential keywords:

Blowtorch; Chess Pieces; Glass; Glassworker; Mdina

Main keywords:

Blowtorches; Board Game; Board Games; Chess; Chess Board; Medina Glassworks; Chess Boards; Chess Piece; Chess Set; Chessboard; Chessboards; Dark; Europe; Eyeglasses; Flame; Flames; Glasses; Glassworks; Handicraft; Handicrafts; Handiwork; Handmade; Handwork; Implement; Implements; Indoor Game; Indoor Games; Malta;

Ok – so what about keywording?

All the forums and discussions and my personal experience suggest that keywording makes photographers despair and so they are always looking for the holy grail that makes it easy, quick, cheap and painless.

I haven’t found it yet.

Here’s a brief rundown of my current approach which involves three steps:

  • Checking the obvious words that come to mind:
  • Using a free online source to give me some more ideas
  • Using a subscription based software package to fill in the (big) gaps.

Obvious Keywords:

Straight away it’s clear that obvious is a very subjective term.

Words like “craftsman” and “glassworker” seeemd obvious to me.

I then turned to an online site:

using craftsman as a keyword and choosing a few suitable pictures generated a list of words including:

occupation, caucasian, equipment, man, male, work, portrait

Then it’s time to try some software.

My current software of choice is a package called Image Keyworder

You can check it out and download a trial at:

Is it perfect? – not at all but for me it’s the best so far.

I’ll write a more comprehensive review when I have time.

Happy keywording!

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