Cathedral of Saint Vissarion

Photo of the Cathedral of Saint Vissarion architectural study by John Rocha at johnrochaphoto.netCaption:

The Cathedral of Saint Vissarion in Smolyan.


An architectural study emphasizing symmetrical aspects of the Cathedral.

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Photo Comments:
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This was a completely unplanned photo.

I had never been to Smolyan before and had no idea that the second largest cathedral in Bulgarian was there.

Now I love architectural photography because there are so many ways of creating great photos from one building.

Of course, lighting is crucial.

For this photo I had to wait an hour or two in the late afternoon until the shadows seemed right for my composition.

I was not looking for exact mirror image symmetry as that would be completely static.

I kept an eye on the cloud formations as I wanted to have some cloud in the picture to break up the blue sky.

When the elements were in place I went some distance away and took this shot hand held with my Canon 75-300 IS zoom.

I did have a tripod with me but it was not possible to get the exact angle I wanted without handholding.

Luckily I was able to use one of the lamposts in the courtyard as my monopod.

I used the long end of the zoom to ‘stack’ the different elements and reduce distortion.

The light was good but I kept a careful eye on my histogram to make sure that the clouds or reflection would not burn out.

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  • johnphoto says:

    I didn’t – I had a choice of outdoor shooting in the time I had or trying inside. First I’d have to find out what the photo policy was. It varies a great deal here. Sometimes – often I’m afraid, photography is banned, sometimes it’s permitted with a fee. This is one of the buildings I intend to visit again with a view to checking the interior

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