Cappuccino in a Royal Albert Bone China Cup with a Silver Spoon

cappuccino in a bone china cup with a silver spoon


I’m a coffee lover and have spent some time improving my cappuccino.

While I’m not a specialist food photographer I felt I could combine my love of cappuccino and photography.

One of the problems of food photography is that the food has to be carefully prepared and it won’t last long unless you fake it.

I paid attention to detail.

I decided on one of my favourite cups a Royal Albert Bone China piece with Christmas Rose pattern.

I took a silver tea spoon – though as I don’t take sugar or sweetener this is only for finishing off the froth.

I tried a number of backgrounds but finally felt the grain of the oak table top was the best I could find.

Cappuccino Photo Facts

For this photo I had to choose the angle carefully to emphasise both the cappuccino topping and the cup, saucer and spoon.

I needed to pay attention to the Depth of Field.

I set up my Canon 5D Mark 11 on my Benro Traveller Tripod.

I turned to my C1 setting on the dial which is programmed for:

mirror lockup
manual exposure

I decided to use the natural light from the window.

To make framing easier I decided to use my standard zoom – Tamron 28-75 SP.

I was looking for a small aperture to get as much Depth of Field as possible.

Checking my histogram gave me a reading of 1/25 second at f16.

This lens will stop down to f32 but my tests indicate diffraction problems at the smallest apertures.

I kept the ISO at 100 for maximum quality.

I focussed and composed the photo using Liveview with manual focussing.

I fired the shutter using a Photixx infra-red remote control to prevent camera shake.

The light quality was good only for a short time but, when I can, I prefer to use natural light.

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