Beijing Hotel Windows

Beijing Hotel Windows

Beijing Hotel Windows is a photo that reminds me of when I lived in Beijing.

It was the beginning of a building boom which has continued unabated till the present day.

New hotels were going up everywhere.

As a photographer I wanted to record the changes.

There are many approaches to photographing architecture.

As a stock photographer I need to get recognisable photos of buildings in high quality.

This means emphasisizing certain standards of straight lines, sharp focus and good perspective.

It’s also better to use lenses which are well corrected.

However, it’s also possible to emphasize detail and abstraction.

Beijing Hotel Windows Photo Facts.

I’ve always loved monochrome photography.

This photo of Beijing Hotel Windows fits well with an abstract approach as monochrome removes a number of conflicting details and puts the emphasis on tone and shape.

I was looking for overall sharpness which meant using a small aperture to ensure sufficient depth of field.

I was attracted by the round windows and light straight lines.

I felt the recurring pattern of the round windows contrasted well with the diagonal compositions and the straight white lines to produce an abstract pattern picture.

This picture of Beijing Hotel Windows comes from my gallery The Beauty of Black and White.

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