Backing up photos with ADrive

Backing up photos with ADrive is one of the better free options available.

The key point for backing up photos is that ADrives offers 50GB free storage.

This is the largest amount of free storage that I have found so far –

ADrive has been around for some years which is a good sign but once again I wouldn’t use this or any other cloud service as my only photo backup.

ADrive has very few features and the free service works entirely from the web browser.

To use ADrive you have to sign up using an email address and password.

Every time you sign in you have to confirm you are a human which is a bit irritating.

Confirm you are Human with ADrive

Adrive is a storage service not a dedicated photo backup service but it has some useful features which makes backing up photos quite easy..

  • It’s good for backing up photos in folders not just as individual files.
  • You can backup large files up to 2GB which will allow you to backup most files types.
  • The uploader is based on Java which works well for backing up photos as fast as your internet connection allows.

ADrive Java Uploader

ADrive gives you good information while you’re backing up photos with data of how many photos you have backed up and how long the backup should take.

ADrive uploading information


One problem is that you can’t leave it to upload thousands of files as it will limit the number of files you can backup at one time.

The free service is advert supported but the adverts are unobtrusive.

So: ADrive provides a lot of free space and works well as a basic storage service.

If you want different uploading methods such as FTP, all sorts of services including file viewing, slideshows and so on you must go elsewhere.

If you’re just looking for a way of backing up photos online ADrive provides a good option with plenty of storage for a free service.

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