Asen Brothers Monument Sillhouette

Asen Brothers Monument Sillhouette

The Asen Brothers Monument is one of the many striking sites in Veliko Turnovo.

It was sculpted by Krum Damianov.

The Asen Brothers monument celebrates the time in the Middle Ages when the Bulgarian state declared independence and the new capital was established in Veliko Turnovo.

Asen Brothers Monument Photo Facts

There are lots of approaches to photographing monuments, statues and buildings.

One thing they have in common is that they are durable and unmoving.

This makes it possible to photograph them in different lighting conditions at different times.

Of course, travel photography usual involves some kind of schedule – morning or afternoon.

Even careful planning cannot ensure optimum lighting conditions.

For this statue, I began by taken a number of standard views with frontal lighting.

However, as this is a three dimensional monument this approach was fairly limited.

Walking around the monument meant a change of lighting conditions.

For this shot I decided to emphasize the outline.

One extremely important point for a shot like this is to make sure you don’t look into the sun – no photograph is worth the risk.

There’s obviously a photographic risk of flare as well.

A lens hood is of little use if the light is in the picture.

One worthwhile check is to make sure that your lens and filters are clean.

Sometimes I find it worth removing the protective uv/skylight filter to get rid of unnecessary reflective surfaces.

I chose a fairly low viewpoint to emphasize the grandeur of the monument.

I used my 28-75mm Tamron SP zoom set at 44mm.

To help with the stability I mounted my Canon EOS 5D on my Benro Travel Angel Tripod.

As usual I shot in RAW to give me more leeway for post processing adjustments.

I aimed for an exposure which would get rid of all detail in the main statue.

The final result has some of the characteristics of classical monochrome photography with an emphasis on composition and tonal simplicity rather than colour

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