An Angel on a Medieval Ceiling

An Angel on a Medieval Ceiling

An angel painted on the medieval  ceiling of Saint Peter's Church in Thanet, Kent, England stockphoto by John RochaCaption:

An Angel on a Medieval Ceiling


An angel painted on the medieval ceiling of Saint Peter’s Church in Thanet, Kent, England.

Saint Peters is a village which is part of the town of Broadstairs

If you want to use this photo of an angel,  go to Alamy.

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Photo Comments:

I rarely use on camera flash and I’m particularly dubious about the flash equipment built into so many DSLRs these days.

I do understand that they have their uses.

However, the nave of this church was dark and I wanted to highlight the craftsmanship and the colour of the ceiling paintings and this angel in particular.

For this I decided to use a 75-300mm IS Canon zoom on my Canon D5 Mark 11.

One of the features (or lack of) with this camera is that it doesn’t have a built in flash.

I used my Canon Speedlight 430x in the hotshoe.

I used manual setting for exposure and set the flashlight to its manual setting also.

The reasons for this were to:

  • use a shutter speed that was as fast as possible with the flash synchronisation.
  • produce the maximum output from the flashlight so that I could choose an aperture around the “sweetspot” of the lens.

One other thing I took care over was to shoot at a slight angle so as to avoid a hotspot reflection from the flash.

As the surface of the painting of the angel was flat and not too shiny I was reasonably satisfied with the result.

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