The Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral in Winter

The Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral Church is the most prominent Christian monument in Sofia.

It’s one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world and is in the Neo Byzantine Style.

It occupies an area of 3170 mt and can take 5000 people inside.

It was built to honour the Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 as a result of which Bulgaria was liberated from Ottoman rule.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was designed by Russian Architect Alexander Pomerantsev aided by Alexander Smirnov and Alexander Yakovlev.

It’s a cross domed basilica with a 45m high gold plated dome with twelve bells weighing from 10 kg to 12 tons.

The central dome has the Lord’s Prayer inscribed around it with thin gold letters and the interior is richly decorated.

The construction started in 1882 but the main building was from 1904 -1912.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Photo Facts

There’s a good deal of discussion on blogs and forums about the advantages and disadvantages of stock photography.

I think this this photo illustrates one of the main advantages.

This picture of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – properly the Alexander Nevsky Memorial Cathedral Church – was taken last week.

Bulgaria is a country with severe winters but this winter has been exceptional.

The point is that if a picture buyer wants a picture of a specific location with specific weather conditions it’s very difficult to plan in advance, even if a local photographer is available.

It’s even more of a problem if it means sending a photographer on location.

However if a local photographer produces stock material he or she can cover a variety of locations and conditions over the years

I have tried to photograph this building with a combination of sun and snow over many years but this combination is quite rare.

Typically as soon as the sun shines, the snow slides off the gilded domes.

This year is different.

From the technical point of view the weather produced some unusual challenges.

The snow was so heavy that I was not able to get to some of my favoured viewpoints at all.

I also had to take most photos handheld.

Luckily good light levels meant I was able to use fast shutter speeds and optimum apertures without bumping up the ISO.

I decided to use my Tamron 28-75 SP zoom lens for this picture – mainly so I could frame carefully from a fixed spot.

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